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JUST ADDED...New Mini Seminar

Manual Metering Mode; The Best Option

This mini Seminar will illustrate the effectiveness of Manual Metering for portraits, landscapes, macro & close up, still life, sports and candid people photography. We will use a Grey Card, Color checker chart, hand held ambient light meter and illustrate the use of these tools to determine and set the exposure, determine the tonal range and create a reference for accurate color control. This is a hands on seminar and we will be shooting landscapes, macro and working with a model for these shots.
Saturday September 13, 1-4:00 PM, rain date Sunday September 14, 10-1:00 AM. This seminar will be local in Berks County (I am just not sure which spot yet). Early Bird cost $50.00 Please cross post this on any Photo related site you participate in. NO refunds offered except for rain cancellations on both days, so clear your schedules. $50.00 register early.

RedBridge You are HERE!

Small Group Classroom Seminars; Informal, extremely educational and fun, with 10 students or less, we participate in classroom type discussions, have weekly assignments and offer anytime, any topic support for future questions.

Digital Photography; The Basics and Beyond

5 weeks, 10 hours total. Limited seating, advance registration required. $95.00
9-9 through 10-7-2014 Tuesday night 6:30 - 8:30 PM

A complete guide to the components, functions, and use of digital and film cameras. Understanding all of your menus and shooting modes, taking better pictures, composition, understanding all of the cameras features, review of current software, printing and saving your pictures, Point & Shoot and SLR cameras are welcomed.

This is THE class for new photographers or anyone who might need brushing up on any aspect of Photography. This class is suited for any age group and any camera type and features informal class type discussions, small class sizes and personalized attention to your camera & your questions. Topics discussed will be illustrated with portfolio examples and a weekly review of students assignments. Bring your cameras and manuals to class.

By week 2 you WILL be producing 100% better shots!

Topics discussed: Composition, Metering, Exposure, Shutter speeds, Apertures, ISO, Flash, Exposure Modes, Depth of Field, White Balance & color control, Focusing,Sharpness, Motion control, Image Size, mega pixels, JPG Quality, E-Mailing, saving images, Printing your images & photo labs

Advanced Photography

5 weeks, 10 hours total. Limited seating, advance registration required. $95.00

9-3 through 10-1, 2014 Wednesday night 6:30 - 8:30 PM

This class is geared to the photo enthusiast whom wishes to get more consistent and better images. The emphasis is on image control and students should have a DLSR or advanced Point & Shoot camera with the ability to control Exposure modes. A tripod is recommended for class assignments.

A thorough review of metering & exposure, shooting modes, white balance and file sizes will start this advanced class. Specific shooting topics will be discussed and assignments made for: Landscapes, outdoor & inside people photography, shooting motion & sports, Macro & close up Photography and Telling a story with your photography, pets and animals, nighttime and low light photography and each week we will discuss composition. Low light, color correction & white balance, shooting through glass, back light, fireworks, filters, Concerts & Theatrical, Freeze & Blurring Motion and fill flash.

The class emphasis is on controlling the image with your camera and when to best use these controls. This class is designed for photographers that want exceptional images in any lighting or shooting situation. A must have class if you shoot for ANY compensation or simply want to create stunning images. Topics discussed will be illustrated with portfolio examples. and a weekly review of students assignments.

Photoshop, Creative Digital Control Seminar

5 Weeks, 2 hours per week, $165.00

6-4 through 7-2,2014 Wednesday night 6:30 - 8:30 PM

This is a hands on Introduction to Photoshop; Tools, palates, re sizing, understanding DPI, image size, resolution for printing, layers, creating composites, adding boarders and drop shadows, using the creative filters, retouching & restoring old photographs, adding type to your images, removing and adding backgrounds. This class also includes the basis for Digital Scrap booking, a complete scrap booking tutorial, free digital embellishments, backgrounds, papers and practice pages to get you started. E-mail me for additional info or to sign up. Pre registration is required.

This class is designed for beginners or someone who started working with Photoshop but needs some assistance. Class size is under 5, so we can help each student. This is a combination of classroom discussion and then during the week, I will help you via phone and e-mail. Weekly assignments are given based on that weeks discussion topics and during the week you should be sending me "in progress" examples of the assignment for assistance & review. Applicable to any version of Photoshop, CS or Elements which you must have installed at home or on a laptop. Software must be purchased separately.

Outdoor Portraits Seminar Saturday July 19. 2014, 9-12;00 AM

This mini Seminar will illustrate outdoor posing, composition, location selection, and lighting techniques including using natural light, fill reflectors, & fill flash. Additionally we will be using external light meters, advanced metering options and illustrating light balancing techniques. Models will be on hand and after the lessons are finished you will have an opportunity to practice. Andy is completing an Illustrated Lecture Series on Lighting and will be using the images created in these lessons and YOU have an opportunity to see how it is all done…. at a substancially lower cost than the finished Lecture would be. Very limited participation so sign up early. Rain date Sunday July 20. This seminar will be local in Berks County (I am just not sure which spot yet). Early Bird cost $65.00 Please cross post this on any Photo related site you participate in. NO refunds offered except for rain cancellations on both days, so clear your schedules.


Home Study Classes & Online Seminars:

These are self paced Photography learning programs, well illustrated, easy to understand and geared to anyone who wishes a better understanding of Photography with the end result of great images.


~Digital Photography; The Basics & Beyond ~Advanced Photography

Annie JayAdvanced Techniques & Business Related Seminars;

A multitude of advanced studio and on location topics are covered in these individual seminars.

~Controlling the Image with Light, ~Multiple Lighting Techniques, ~Starting A Photo Business, ~Advanced Lighting, ~Setting up a Home Studio


CypressIndividual Instruction and Tutoring:

Classes can be tailored to your personal needs and capabilities. Our core classes are:

  • Photography for the rest of us.
  • Setting up a home studio.
  • Nature, Landscape, and Macro Photography Workshops.
  • Working with RAW files
  • Advanced Photoshop Techniques
  • Send me an E-Mail for rates.

DecayField Trips & Photo Safaris;

Small groups, Photo Field Trips with hands on and individual instruction based on the topic of our seminar.

Photo Safaris may cover macro, outdoor lighting, landscape, water & waterfalls, Candid Kids and other photo topics.


PearsPhoto and Photoshop Tips and Tricks;

Free online Lessons, Tips & Tricks involving all aspects of Photography and Photoshop.

Constantly updated with new lessons added regularly.


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